Business and Corporate Law


The Firm has a professional team specialized in comprehensive advice to companies. We act as external advisors who participate in the decision-making process. The service includes the following aspects:

  • Advice on and participation in the commercial negotiation with suppliers.
  • Advice on the commercial and legal setting of sales and distribution chains or processes.
  • Negotiation and drafting of shareholder agreements or share transfer (sales) agreements.
  • Participation in Board of Directors’ meetings or in the decision making of significant commercial or corporate matters.
  • Drafting of contracts with third parties or direct participation in the negotiation of contracts (exclusively or integrating a negotiating team with representatives of our clients).
  • Representation of foreign partners in the commercial management of local companies, whether acting as a Director by proxy and in the interest of external stakeholders, or not.
  • Representation in commercial litigations where the company is a plaintiff or defendant, including a previous out-of-court management aimed at resolving the dispute.
  • Advice on incorporation of companies, preparation and amendment of By-Laws, keeping of the Minutes Books and other corporate books (Meetings of Partners, Shareholders, or the Board of Directors), and advice on and management of corporate books. Registration of all these instruments with the Argentine Superintendency of Corporations (IGJ, Inspección General de Justicia).