Civil and Family Law


The Law Firm offers its clients advice and representation on the following issues concerning Civil Law:

  • Civil contracts: advice, negotiation, and drafting of different types of contracts.
  • Inheritance: advice on wills, and representation regarding the law of succession.
  • Advice on matters concerning Co-Ownership Property Administrators. Enforcement of expenses.
  • Neighborhood issues: dividing wall issues, disturbing noises, etc.

As regards Family Law, we also provide the following services:

  • Legal counseling and representation on divorce and filiation issues.
  • Special regimes regarding underage children (parentage plan, personal care, alimony, communication regime, etc.): counseling and representation in legal proceedings.
  • Marital property regime: advice prior to marriage or during marital dissolution.
  • Cohabitation unions: counseling and representation in legal proceedings for their registration or in possible conflicts related to them.