Consulting Service


Our Consulting Service consists of advising and accompanying our clients in various situations where they may require continuous assistance and support to launch new activities, to solve concrete conflicts beyond legal advising, or to make decisions related to new projects, business or HR matters.

In this way, we operate as consultants for entrepreneurs or for new projects of existing companies and, in other occasions, as permanent consultants for companies that are going through certain conflicts, throughout the whole process until a solution is reached. In all of the above cases, the specialized staff members of our Firm get involved with the client to build a work team that includes the client, its managers and, in some occasions, other external advisors.

In the Human Resources, Internal Communication and Internet Projects areas, apart from the Law Firm´s service, the involvement of associated companies and specialists in such areas could be included.

The consulting service provided, which can be expanded under the submenu Other Services in this section, includes advising activities in connection with (I) the preparation and implementation of the Business Plan (for Internet positioning, for new companies —entrepreneurs—, for the launch of companies in the insurance sector —brokers); (II) the re-negotiation of corporate debt (including private tenders); (III) counseling on re-engineering and downsizing (business and labor stages); (IV) analysis and assessment of the opening of branches or markets; (V) business aspects of the production of events or TV shows; (VI) business and legal advice for partners about specific shareholder matters; (VII) setting up policies aiming at creating the culture of a company; (VIII) the design, implementation and follow-up of the policy and contents regarding internal communication within companies; and (IX) the design and implementation of training actions for the staff and mid-level and management positions.